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Farewell Bison Hunt


Weather Sources

Farewell Lake Seaplane Base (PAFK)
Willow (PAUO)
Skwetna (PASW)
Puntilla (Rainy Pass) (PAFS)
Nikolai (PAFS)
McGrath (PAMC)

Managing Biologist for State

Roger Seavoy
Josh (assistant)
ADF&G/Wildlife Conservation
P.O. Box 230
McGrath, AK 99627-0230
(907) 524-3323 phone
(907) 524-3324 fax

Fuel Prices and Availability as of 02/01/10

Skwetna Roadhouse $6.00 per Gal
Shell Lake Lodge $6.00 per Gal.
Rainy Pass Lodge $9.00 per Gal
Nikolai $7.50 per gallon.  (The City phone number is (907) 293-2113 after hours 293-2523 for Winchell Ticknor,or 293-2429 for Joe Kimball.)
Crowley in McGrath $5.95 gal



ADFG - Bison Identification Guide and Quiz
ADFG - Delta Junction Bison Briefing and Quiz
Detailed Summer Vs Winter Range Report
Iron Dog Race Prep Checklist
The Iditarod Trail with Detailed Trail Description Links

Satellite Phone Companies

Anchorage Satellite Phones
Satellite Phone Store

Parking in Willow

Deshka Landing

Charter Operators McGrath

Redline Aircraft Charter (907) 524-3733
Magnuson Airways (877) 524-3123

Backhaul of meat McGrath to Anchorage

Northern Air Cargo .29 per pound



12/18/09 Contact Cathy Frost, owner of Farewell Lake Lodge, talked about winter status of lodge and agreeed to talk later. She said the caretaker has a satellite phone and is calling in weather observations with it daily. Sent her an e-mail that night requesting a rate for a cabin for 3-5 nights and inquired whether fuel might be available for purchase from the caretaker.

12/22/09 Called Josh at ADFG in McGrath to discuss bison wintering grounds- Advice was to concentrate on area from Egypt Mountain North to into the burn area. West as far as Farewell Station Airport and East as far as the South Fork of the Kuskokwim. He said run the trails on snowmachine until we find their tracks, then concentrate on that area. He said he felt "success was almost assured using snowmachines. ATV trails run all over the place recommended using them. Josh said 4 out of 5 hunters hunted the Fall hunt and three were successful, two bulls and one cow were taken.

12/33/09 Called Magnuson Airways in McGrath for quote on hauling Bison meat from Farewell to McGrath. Left message.

12/23/09 Called Redline Aviation in McGrath for quote on hauling Bison meat from Farewell to McGrath. Left message.

12/22/09 Called Northern Air Cargo to check on Interline agreement for Continental employees. None in place, but backhaul rate from McGrath is only $.29 per pound.

12/24/09 Mike called from Redline Aviation with quote for meat haul from Farewell to McGrath of $450 using Cessna 185 on skis. Said no problem landing on Steele Lake, he's been there before. Call prior to departure and then again when and if we need a pick up.

12/29/09 Ordered a helmet cam after doing large amounts of online research. I ordered the Tachyon XC. This camera should show the worst of the trail that every one keeps warning me about to share with the rest of the world.

01/20/10 Called Echo Lake Meats in Soldotna to find out cost on aging bison meat in their refridgerator would be. Quoted .10 cents per pound per day.

01/27/10 Ordered my Big Game locking tag online from ADFG after calling retailers and then the Anchorage ADFG office and finding that no one stocks this tag. The ADFG employee said he's been putting in for this tag for 26 years unsuccessfully.

01/27/10 Spoke with Barney at Magnuson Air. Quoted $450.00 RT to pick up Bison in his C-180 on wheels. Needs 6" or less snow on the lake to make the pick up.

01/28/10 Spoke with Avery at AK Custom Meats in Soldotna. He will hang the entire Buffalo for $10-$15 a day to age. Recommended not more than 16-17 days.

02/02/10 Called all lodges and communities along the trail for fuel availability and pricing.

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