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How to Smoke Salmon

Babe's Wet Brine Recipe

1 Gallon (4 Qts.) Water

2 Lbs (800 ML) Salt     Canning or Kosher Salt (Must be iodine free)

1/2 Lb (400ML loosely packed) Brown Sugar

1st Brine 2 Hrs. in cooler

2nd Brine reuse 3 Hrs. in cooler


The Dry Brine Recipe

2 Parts Brown Sugar
1 Part Salt     Canning or Kosher Salt (Must be iodine free)
8 Hrs in Cooler
Use no-iodine salt and brown sugar Fish is cut into 1 1/2 to 2" width
Fish brines in a cooler normally Racks are loaded, fish not touching
Racks are loaded into smoker Thickest fillets go to the bottom.
More racks going in So which fillets are the big ones.....?
Box over the smoker helps insulate Smoker won't always show smoke
Not quite done, still too moist Now we're about there.

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6 Reds = 4 Racks

Original Recipe

3 T Cayenne
3T Garlic Powder
8 T Pepper
2 T Salt
4 Cups Brown Sugar (2 lbs)
4 - 5 Fish


Reduce Pepper to 2 T
Reduce Cayenne to 2 T

Skin fillets - Cut into think strips and pur brine on bottom of cooler to cover. Then continue placing strips in cooler alternating brine and strips. Put block of ice (coke bottle) on top. After 12 hrs. of brining stir well. Continue to stir ever 3-4 hours for a total brine time of 36 hours

Use Hickory Chips

Put on smoker racks then lightly mist top and bottom. Then put into smoker. Set lid askew at 90 degrees to keep heat down. Check at 6 hours and smoke 8 - 10 hours or until done.