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How To Snag A Limit -continued

Most of the places we go to snag reds requires a boat, but snagging does become available in the Nick Dudiak Fishing hole on the Homer Spit by Emergency Order at the end of the King and Silver Salmon runs.

The best fish spotting conditions are windless (flat water) sunny days, but these only happen occasionally.  We also have done better during a low tide, so that the water column being worked isn’t as deep.  I am a believer in the fact that when the larger than normal series of tides happen more salmon come in with them and I will try to fish these periods.

The Method:

If you’re comfortable with a bait caster you will get your snag hook placed more accurately and will be able to cast farther distances.  If you’re a bird nest master, just use the spin caster.

We don’t usually randomly cast. 

We wait for signs:

Fish jumping
Visually spotting the school coming by below the surface.

I’m getting excited as I write this.

When you see signs of fish cast just beyond the jumper or school by about 10-15 ft.  As soon as your hook hit’s the  water take up any slack while starting your count, “one thousand one, one thousand two” YANK!!! As far back as you can.   Immediately reel up the slack. Count off 1001 1002 and YANK!!! again all the way back to the boat.  If your aim was good you will easily have a fish on your first yank.  I’ve had MANY fish snagged 250 ft out on the first good yank!  When the fishing is good, multiple fish will be on at the same time in the boat.  Sometimes we have to designate one person whose only job is to unhook fish, bonk them and bleed them.  Even that designated person can end up overwhelmed. 

One addition we made to increase our efficiency was one of the rubber coated tangle free nets.  The snagger can  get back to their mission faster with this net.  Believe me there is nothing worse than watching fish dart and jump past the boat while your hook is tangled in the net.

Be patient when you arrive if you aren’t seeing jumpers, the fish may still be everywhere, sometimes they just jump more than others.

Make sure and bleed your fish quickly while their heart is still beating, it will help to keep them from having that “fishy” taste that no one likes.

Have Fun!!!!

Gearing UP           

30# mono or spectra line
Spinning reel capable of handling 30# line
Bait Caster capable of handling 30# line
Polarized Sunglasses
Wide Brim Hat
8’6” Heavy action rod
Lead weighted  treble hooks
Rubberized net

Helpful Snagging Links:

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