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May 2006 - Black Bear Hunting in Prince William Sound

Shanna's Turn


We set up our black bear hunting camp in a remote cove in Prince William Sound.  Tarps were used as rain flys for addtional protection.

John & Craig glassing the shorelines for bears.

Monday, May 22, 2006

We cruised and glassed numerous bays, islands, coves and inlets. We cruised one bay where Craig was positive that the grassy area looked like a perfect place to get a bear. We got out of the boat and scouted around for “bear sign,” like scat and grass that looked “mowed.” Sure enough, there was definite bear activity in that area. Apparently, according to the surveyor’s tape hanging on a tree: someone had already harvested a bear there. Craig was still excited about the place and several times said he wanted us to drop him off so he could sit and wait for a bear.  We checked on some of the northern facing bays and they were still full of deep snow, with no grass showing yet.

Finally, we made the run back to the cabin for a nap and dinner before setting out on our evening hunt. We were all a bit disappointed that we hadn’t seen any bears yet, not even a sow with cubs.

Harvesting snow from an avalanche

There was no shortage of ice and snow for keeping the drinks cold.

Set the alarm again and up at 4:00PM ate before heading out for the evening hunt. We started with a cruise thru some Islands. Craig spotted another green beach at the mouth of a stream that he thought looked “beary”.  Once again, we anchored the boat and went ashore looking for bear signs. We located several large scat piles and mowed grass. We moved on and cruised some more cove and inlets. We made a quick stop for snow at an avalanche to ice down our drinks. We spent about 4 hours cruising and glassing. Still -- no bears! Man, this is getting frustrating! Craig has started to harass John and wondering if he’s going to go 7 days and not see a single bear and John is starting to feel the pressure of putting us on the bear!

Craig just after shooting his bear.

Craig just after firing and watching his bear go down.

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