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Caribou Hills, Kenai Peninsula

Snowmachine Ride Gone Wrong

Shanna and I were looking for a fun ride. We deided to go further than we ever had before in the Caribou Hills. We parked the truck in Clam Gulch and took off for our goal for the day of Kachemak Bay. We made our way South to Caribou Lake and continued on a trail to took us to the Kachemak Bay overlook we wanted to see. It was time to head North to Clam Gulch. I wanted to try a different route back that wasn't as well marked and that we weren't familiar with. We were above the tree line, deep into the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge. We worked our way down an valley and then the trail and previous tracks just disapeared. We turned around to go back to Caribou Lake. Not long after we turned I was running around 30 MPH when I saw a huge hole in the snow ahead of me. I locked up the brake, but the machine hardly slowed a bit on the powdery snow. At the last second when I saw that going in the water hole was imminent I jumped completely free of the machine. I landed on the edge of the hole and broke a foot thru the snow and into the water as I scambled from the hole. My Ski-Doo ran for a moment until it began to sink and finally shut down. The following photos show the aftermath of my run into the water.

Ski-Doo sitting in a water hole.



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