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Kenai River Float Trip

The WHOLE River - From Kenai Lake to Cook Inlet


Our second nights camp just out of Skilak Lake.  Every possible camp site we explored had bear sign.

Later in the day we saw a park ranger boat coming straight at us. He asked for our registration. It soon became apparent we didn’t have the proper registration for a raft with a “motor” mounted on the back. He took my fishing and drivers license and had us meet him down the river where he wrote out a ticket that he said would turn to a warning if I properly registered the raft within 5 days.  We don't use the outboard on the raft much and hadn't even thought about needing a full motorized boat  registration and AK numbers down the side of the raft. 

Our next challenge was the Naptown Rapids, these rapids are category II-III white water.  We had lot's of fun as we hooted and hollered our way thru the rapids with people cheering us on from the river bank.  The last day was a lot of miles, unfortunately we had to run the outboard quite a bit to make our appointed meeting time.   Loren and his wife Glenda picked us up precisely on time at the Kenai City dock.

Boats anchored in the Kenai River.


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