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Denali Highway by Snowmachine
The Denali Highway closes each winter to vehicular traffic, road maintenance is discontinued and the snow piles up.  Our destination was the Maclaren River Lodge.  The lodge is located 94 miles from Cantwell and 42 miles from Paxson.  We chose  the longer route from Cantwell.  We found the deep snow we were looking for as we drove further and further north from our home on the Kenai Peninsula.
The Cantwell Lodge in Cantwell, AK

The Cantwell Lodge and "Beaver Liquors" and yes, they are VERY proud of their liquor store name, they even gave me a free hat.


The beginning of the non-paved section of the Denali Highway.

The beginning of the non-maintained section of the Denali Highway in Cantwell


Just one of the spectacular views along the highway.

This is just one of the MANY spectacular views while running down the highway.


The snow was deep and we stuck our snowmachines many times.

We found the deep snow we were looking for with about 2 1/2 ft of powder.  We buried our snowmachines at least four times a day.  Alan, the lodge owner, grooms some of the trails surrounding the lodge, but leave the trail at your own risk!



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