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Denali Highway by Snowmachine - continued
McClaren Summit is the second highest highway pass in Alaska.

Maclaren Summit is the second highest highway pass in the state of Alaska, after Atigun Pass on the Dalton Highway.


Fellow guests and hired help at the McClaren Lodge.

Fellow lodge guests from Salcha, AK along with lodge hostess Amy.  From left to right, Art, Tom, Amy and Pat.  Nightly dinner was served family style.

Trying to start my Ski-Doo after a cold night.

Prepping the machines for the 97 mile ride back to the Cantwell Lodge.  It was -23F while I was turning over the Ski-Doo.  When it warmed to -13, around noon we decided to hit the trail for our departure.


This rustic cabin was rented by a  musher who was coming thru with his team and dog sled.



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