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Montague Island Deer Hunt - September 2006

"The Brown Bear Charge"


We had a discussion about what to do with this now dead sow -- leave it lay there or do the right thing -- skin it and remove the skull, then turn it in to Fish & Game (as required in kill situations like this).  We decided to do the right thing and pack it out.  Neither one of us were up for much more deer hunting in the mountains.  Shanna stood guard making noise to keep the cubs and other bears away as I went to work.  Shanna yelled and talked into the woods the entire time as I was working.  The pepper spray actually burned my hands,  through latex surgical gloves,  as I skinned the bear.  When I removed the skull, the brains fell out in clumps of mush!  All the bone protecting the back of the brain was broken.  About 1 ½ hrs later I was all done.  We loaded the hide and skull into a game bag and then into a garbage bag and then into my pack.  Now for the long 1 ½ mile hike out.  We estimated the skull and hide to weigh around 70 lbs + all the other gear that was still in my pack and my rifle.  We fell multiple times hiking out to the beach in the slick, wet, steep, muddy terrain.

 The scene of the charge.

Skinning the brown bear to turn into the state.

John skinning the bear, to turn it in to the state.

Once back at our boat, we had a few beers and relaxed for a while.  About 45 minutes before sunset, we motored over to Kobi’s boat where we met his dad (Mark, we think).  We told him our story and he became very concerned for his son.  We promised to help if Kobi didn’t make it back to the beach before dark.  Motoring away, we sure hoped our services would not be needed.  About 15 minutes prior to sunset, we heard Kobi yelling from the beach.  "Dad!!!  Dad!!!"  Soon his dad had the dinghy fired up and was headed to pick him up.  Kobi had a Blacktail deer slung around his neck.  We heard Kobi tell his dad on the beach, "I’ll never do that again!"  They loaded up in their little dinghy and made their way over to our boat.  Unbelievable!!  Kobi went up the mountain with nothing but jeans, his rifle and a sweatshirt.  Not even a watch!  He said he had to hike all the way to the snow line before he saw a buck.

Kobi with his Sitka Black Tail deer

Kobi with his Sitka Blacktail Deer.

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