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Montague Island Deer Hunt - September 2006

"The Brown Bear Charge"


Packing the bear back to the beach.

The final approach to the beach was steep, slick and heavily wooded (notice the soaked elbow)

Shanna didn’t want to hunt for deer anymore on this trip and I didn’t want to run immediately for Whittier.  So, we decided to spend another night on our buoy in Port Chalmers.  Kobi and his dad invited us over to their boat, so we motored over at dusk and tied up.  The boat was old, but well equipped.  We talked commercial fishing and hunting and the way it used to be.  After several hours, we wished them a good night and eased our way in the darkness, back to our much appreciated mooring buoy.  It was a beautiful night!  There were millions of stars in the sky and the luminescence from our prop wash made a spectacular glow!   Soon it was off to bed.

September 25, Monday

Another beautiful day, just a few clouds in the sky.  I worked out a route on the computer that would be a great tour and only add 14 miles to our return trip.  We left our beloved mooring buoy and headed for the south end of Knight Island.  We passed Little Green Island along the way and then worked our way up the passages on the west side of Knight Island.  We stopped in the northwest corner of Lower Herring Bay for lunch and to try to spot some deer.  Lunch was Stove Top Stuffing and tender Caribou steaks grilled in a skillet.  Yum!!  After lunch, we continued up the west coast of Knight Island until we cut across the open water to come in behind Crafton Island.  Next,  it was up Culross Passage, thru Wells Passage and back into Whittier. 10-15 minutes from docking in Whittier, we stopped the boat to call the troopers in Girdwood and ADF&G in Soldotna to notify them about our DLP (defense of life and property) kill.  ADF&G said be at their office first thing in the morning.

The Brown Bear hide layed out on a tarp.The Brown Bear's claws.

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