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Montague Island Deer Hunt - September 2006

"The Brown Bear Charge"


September 26, Tuesday

We reported to the Alaska Department of Fish & Game, as requested, soon after they opened this morning.  I was given a 5 page questionnaire and report to fill out.  The receptionist then called the trooper station down the road to send a wildlife enforcement officer over to the office.  The trooper arrived quickly and he and the area assistant biologist listened to our story of the encounter.  They were completely satisfied with our need to kill the bear.  They told us they were glad we were safe and also of repeated problems with bears chasing hunters on Montague Island.  The biologist acknowledged that the cubs would most likely not survive the winter.  We got the feeling that it was out of site, out of mind, unlike the cubs of sows killed near populated areas.  In other words, these cubs would be left on their own, instead of  being monitored, or captured and sent to a zoo or immediately euthanized.  The biologist had us drive to the "sealing room" where measurements of the skull are taken.  He pulled the skull from the bag, got his calipers and then put them right back away.  He said he wouldn't be able to take any skull measurements because of all the broken bones.  The skull, hide and claws are property of the state and now in their possession.

Shanna and I felt like we had been tested and we passed!!  I hope we never have to pass this test again!

Shanna said this was the most terrifying AND most exciting experience of her life!!!

John looks out at the mountains we never reached, while packing the hide and skull of the bear.  Maybe next time?

Our "Temporary Raft" with our new boat in the background..



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