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August 2005 - Fishing The Outer Gulf Coast

Big Halibut in Port Chatham

August 15, 2005 - Day 3

Up a little latter this morning, still no bears. We ate breakfast tacos and headed out. The wind was blowing most of the night and the forecast was deteriorating. I headed for the an area called the “mountains”.  The mountains got their name because of a couple of peaks that rise to within 100' of the water surface in an area of 300' depths.  We approached the mountains in crappy seas that went to worse, because the mountains were creating lots of rips.  I did get a bait down and immediately hooked into a halibut. By the time I had him up, Shanna was getting concerned about the seas and as we scooped the bow into a wave, I agreed and off we went. I wasn’t sure where to fish, so we headed for a corner off Elizabeth Island. The prime place I thought we wanted to fish had a boat sitting on it anchored. We pulled up behind him, drifted back and anchored.  The tide was running full bore and we were dropping 4 lb leads to get to the bottom. The bite started off good for the 20 lbers. The fish were in a feeding frenzy, tearing the rubber tail off every lead head jig I dropped.  They shredded them.   I started giving up on big fish so we began keeping a few of the 20 lbers. My crew was complaining about the weight of the lead and wanted to wait to fish until after the tide slowed.  I steadily fished and finally my big break came when I pulled up a 58 lb halibut on a salmon head. Jeff was re-motivated so I offered him a fish head and  he accepted.  Soon he was hooked up with a fish that didn’t budge and was taking line. Jeff worked him up and when he came into view I couldn’t believe my eyes, BIG!  I harpooned the monster and she thrashed..  The kicker motor was knocked around against its stops and out of the water as the powerful fish beat it with its tail.   I decided not to shoot, instead I used my baseball bat and cut its gills for our safety.


Jeff's big halibut beside the boat.

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Back to camp we went to eat some lunch and pack up, and load everything.  The boat wouldn’t get on step, so we had to fire up the kicker and run it all the way home. The waves did nothing but improve all the way in until we were in flat water in Cook Inlet. The fish weighed in on the derby scale fully bled and many hours after being caught at 155 lbs. We paid to have it filleted back in Homer by Damian the resident fish cleaning guy, $1 per fish; plus tips of course.

155 pound halibut hanging.

This fish was no record, but it was almost double the size of our largest fish in the boat to date.  This halibut was 1/3 the length of our boat.  To put it lightly, we were excited!  At the dock, everyone coming back from charters wanted their picture taken with OUR fish!  On the way home we saw the editor of the Alaska Outdoor Journal  Klondike Kid, he had us send in a photo and a short story.  He posted us to the front page of his website. 

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