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August 2005 - Fishing The Outer Gulf Coast

Big Halibut in Port Chatham

Back in Sterling I sent out the following e-mail to friends and family:


On Monday, August 15, Jeff Fourrier of Lake Jackson, TX while fishing out of The Port of Homer, AK, landed a behemoth 155 LB Halibut while fishing with John & Shanna aboard their boat "REEL FISHY." The battle lasted over 20 minutes. The monster halibut thrashed beside the boat after being harpooned by Captain John and sent the kicker motor flying up against its stops with its powerful tail. The Halibut was further subdued with an expert cut to its gill plate. After securing a line around the monster's tail, all three hands aboard were required to pull the halibut aboard. Once brought aboard, the fish was so big it wouldn't fit in the boat from side to side. Capt John stated, "I think we might have to make two trips to Homer to get the load back" (a 2 1/2 hour ride). Fortunately, calm seas allowed the entire load to go home with both the main motor and the 8 HP kicker motor providing power for the large haul. This 155 LB halibut far exceeded the previous boat record of 84 LB held by cousin Craig of Brookfield, WI. Jeff was heard to exclaim when he arrived at the Sterling, AK cabin, "that picture of yur kuzin on that there ice box has got to go," referring to the previous boat record photo on display. As a side note, John caught his largest halibut he has ever caught aboard his boat, on the same day, a 58 lb. Halibut

 Humongous halibut fillets. Big Halibut Fillets

John and Jeff with huge halibut.


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