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June 2008 - Alaska Inside Passage Exploration

Northern Portion ABC Islands

Admiralty, Baranof, Chichagof Islands 

June 20, 2008 ~ Friday

John got up early and went to the hardware store to buy a solder gun and solder so we could make the needed repairs to the Wallas stove / heater. With the crew awake, Shanna went to take a shower while John and Jeff made the needed repairs to the stove. The stove’s fan motor was replaced and was now operational. We’d all be glad that we wouldn’t have to use the portable generator, it was a lifesaver, but it was a pain to deal with on a daily basis.
One of the items that needed to be purchased today was a new video camera as the old one gave out.
John and Jeff launched the dinghy and motored closer to the shopping district where a new video camera at Stereo North. The next stop was to tie up at the marine supply store where some additional fishing tackle was purchased.

Shopping by dinghy in downtown Sitka.

The clear day made this dinghy tour an excellent way to tour Sitka. We passed commercial fishing boats unloading their halibut while a bald eagle sat perched atop a flag pole flying the American flag. That was a neat sight, little did the eagle know what a photo op it created.

After the first purchasing expedition, it was time to go back and buy groceries. We all wanted something to eat as it was after lunch and for some reason the “Pioneer Bar” called us back. We arrived at the watering hole and promptly ordered two servings of fried halibut and fries which we shared and then washed them down with a couple of alcoholic beverages. What a deal, only $7.50 a plate. You may remember that alcohol can make you get a tad bit lazy, well we got that way after eating and drinking. Shanna remembered an offer in a local paper which offered a free cab ride to and from the marina if you purchased $50.00 or more in groceries. John dashed across the street to grab a paper and secure the needed phone number. After making a call and waiting a few minutes a Sitka Taxi pulled up to whisk us away. Its great when a plan comes together! Off to the grocery where we’d need to get everything we might need for the next week. We shopped in record time and the same cabbie who delivered us, picked us up. We later learned he just parked in the parking lot and waited on us. We filled the back of the van with our provisions and headed back toward the harbor. Oh no, we still need beer! Since the liquor store was on the way to the harbor, perhaps we could ask him to stop just one more time, no problem. After a 30 second buying spree all needed alcohol was purchased and this time we were really going back to the boat.
We tipped our cabbie and snagged a shopping cart to transport the goods to the TomCat.


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