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June 2008 - Alaska Inside Passage Exploration

Northern Portion ABC Islands

Admiralty, Baranof, Chichagof Islands 

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May 2008

Our Prince William Sound bear hunt is over and now we are able to spend all our time preparing for this upcoming trip. Shanna's cousin Donnie got his bear, but Shanna did not get one this spring, so.......after calling an Alaska ADFG biologist in Haines we've decided to end our Inside Passage Cruise with a black bear hunt if the opportunity presents itself. A little extra gear to add to the packing list.

I called up and down the highway and to all the docks to get an idea of what we would have to spend for diesel for the truck and unleaded gasoline for the boat. The following charts are a summary of my results.

Fuel Prices as of 05/28/2008
Unleaded Fuel At The Dock
Elfin Cove
Tenakee Springs
907-736-2288 10am-2pm No Tues or Thurs

During our bear hunt we learned how to extend our two MPG boat to a five MPG boat by only running one motor and running that motor at 1800 RPM, this gave us a 5.5 MPH cruise speed, instead of our normal 25 MPH, but the fuel savings kept money in the bank and allowed us to stay out for 10 days and 9 nights while bear huning without visiting a port.

Continued problems with the port side engine (a Honda BF-90) has promtped us to order an entire intake assembly including all four carburetors. This motor backfired and generally ran bad for the entire bear hunt. ALL this motors problems are contributed to a faulty design on our particular boat from C-Dory that allowed large quantities of salt water to enter the fuel tank thru the vent. In March over 1 one-half gallon of water was removed from the port fuel tank, but not before the carburetors attempted to run on vast quantities of it.

Fuel Prices as of 05/28/2008
Diesel Prices on Highway
Links To Cities We May Visit
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June 8, 2008

Today we will finally start down the road from Sterling (N60 31 29.3 W150 37 11.0). The intake assembly is installed and the Honda outboard motor is fully operational. Out of nervousness to its dependability I tried to start the Wallas cook stove/heater in the boat two days ago. No matter what I tried it woudnn't run, including banging on the fuel pump. After a consultation with Scan Marine in Seattle I installed our spare fuel pump and the stove is fully operational again. I (John) have been ready to go now for two days and have practically been pacing the house as we wait for Jeff's scheduled flight to arrive in Anchorage tonight, where we will meet him with the boat in tow.

Checked the trailer tire pressure 1 ½ hrs before our planned departure and found one with a slow leak. Changed out to the spare. We haven’t even left the driveway yet. Hope this isn’t an omen of things to come.





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