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June 2008 - Alaska Inside Passage Exploration

Northern Portion ABC Islands

Admiralty, Baranof, Chichagof Islands 

June 22, 2008 ~ Sunday

We got up and checked the crab pot we placed near where we moored, we were happy to see the string of bad luck broken as we had a large male Dungeness crab captive . After unloading the single crab we caught, we scouted out potential sites for setting the shrimp and crabs pots. Enroute to a new spot Shanna noticed what she thought was an uncharted rock. Upon further investigation we learned that it was a whale which appeared to be resting on the surface. After a few minutes the whale dived and we continued on our way to find the crab honey hole. We set out the 3 crab pots in areas we thought had potential and then set out 4 shrimp pots in areas we felt had promise. After the pots were set we headed into an area of calm water where lunch was pan fried Halibut cheeks along with clams fried on the half shell. After filling ourselves we docked at the transient dock in Tenakee Springs. The village was everything you’d expect of a small Alaskan fishing village. We walked the 6’ wide path toward the main part of town. Both sides of the path were lined with mostly small quaint fishing cabins. The few people we met were very friendly and we felt at ease as we made our way through the village. Tenakee Springs is known for it’s hot spring waters and bath house. The bath house was located just off the main path and we had to stop by and investigate. Posted on the entry door were the bathing hours, different hours for both men and women.

The men and women each had their own hours assigned for bathing. The sign leading from the change room to the bathing area read “Absolutely No Clothes Allowed”. We decided this would have to wait as we had more time to explore. A stop at the general store found the door open, but no one around. We walked in and began looking at the limited selection on wares available. The store appeared resembled something you’d see back in the 40’s and signs indicated that it had been in continuous operation since 1895. Shanna found a box of cornmeal we needed for future meals and decided we would purchase it. After loudly calling out “Hello” throughout the store, we determined we were alone.


Shopping at the Tenakee General Store. Shanna found a pad of paper and wrote the store keeper a note informing them that we’d purchased the corn meal. We left them the correct amount of money to cover our purchase and headed out the door. Across the street we noticed a lady tending her yard. Overhearing her conversation we determined she was the store keeper. Shanna explained we’d left her a note and money to cover our purchase. She thanked us and told us that finding the key to lock the door was more trouble than it was worth.
Further down the path we noticed a sign that pointed to the public toilet. The privy was located at the end of a long boardwalk which was positioned at the water’s edge.The outhouse had the traditional half moon on the door and was equipped with a full compliment of reading materials. The outhouse paid off right at the water’s edge 15 ft above the beach, which left nothing to the imagination!

Shanna had to demonstrate its use for us.
After heading back to the boat we collected our burnable trash and burned it in what appeared to be the village’s designated burning spot on the beach.With this task complete we headed out to check the shrimp and crab pots. John pulled up the shrimp pots and everyone had shrimp. We’d broken the string of bad shrimping luck! We motored over and checked the crab pots where everyone of them had crabs in them. We were going from famine to feast! What a great change from the last week.With all traps collected we headed to set traps in waters recommended by the locals.

Tenakee Springs public restrooms.


All pots were set back out and we found a bay were we planned on anchoring for the night. While heading into the bay we counted 3 brown bears eating grass along the water’s edge. There were enough bears that they seemed as if they were cows grazing in a pasture. We got the anchor to set following two attempts. The bugs were so bad inside the bay we opted to go back toward the entrance where the wind was blowing stronger which would keep them at bay, so the anchor came back up.

We boiled crabs on the back deck and spread newspaper on the galley table to minimize the mess created when eating crabs. Jeff sat by the window and threw his shells directly into the water. The second course of the meal was grilled shrimp in garlic butter served over a bed of pasta. The evenings entertainment was two episodes of South Park. After stuffing ourselves on crab and shrimp we got ready for bed. Jeff took a shower on the back deck and resorted to drying off with one of his long sleeve shirts. His towel apparently blew over board one night so he had to improvise.

Anchored in Saltery Bay -- Tenakee Inlet.
N 57 46.420 W 135 23.872
Trip odometer 669.6
Miles traveled today 44.9


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