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June 2008 - Alaska Inside Passage Exploration

Northern Portion ABC Islands

Admiralty, Baranof, Chichagof Islands 

June 24, 2008 ~ Tuesday

The wind really kicked up last night and the waves slapping against the hull made everyone break out their ear plugs. No bug had a chance to get us when they were forced to try and fly against this stiff wind.
John cranked up the stove and made breakfast tacos “John Style.” We continued making our way up the coast where we are looking to take a black bear. We stopped off in Coot bay and tied off on a public float. While Shanna was preparing lunch which would be shrimp curry served over a bed of rice, John and Jeff took the dinghy and cruised the shore looking for the old cannery ruins that were supposed to be located in the bay. While in transit toward our next destination, St. James Bay we spotted several whales and harbor porpoises.

One of the crabs continuing our cruise with us.

With lunch complete we motored slowly around the shores of St. James Bay glassing for a bear. After several hours without spotting anything, we decided to make our way to Boat Harbor which was a well protected bay which also had the potential to hold a bear.
The reference book said it was a very narrow entrance and you could miss it if you weren’t careful. It was well hidden but we safety navigated the entrance. Once inside we found we weren’t alone. There were 2 commercial boats fishing with gill nets and 3 pleasure boats moored within the bay. We spoke to a couple of the fellows working one of the gill netters and asked if they were catching anything, he replied “not much” and held up a chum salmon.

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We knew what we were having for dinner, crabs. Since we’ve being doing this with regularity we all knew what to do to make this go off. We set-up inside the galley with newspaper on the table and got down to business. Jeff & Shanna ate crab until they couldn’t eat anymore, but John continued on until there was nothing left. The evening’s entertainment was several episodes of South Park. Jeff is trying to get into it, but is still yet undecided. With most of having full bellies, we called it a night.

Anchored in Boat Harbor -- off of Lynn Canal.
N 58 37.810 W 135 10.387
Trip odometer 830.2
Miles traveled today 90.4

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