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June 2008 - Alaska Inside Passage Exploration

Northern Portion ABC Islands

Admiralty, Baranof, Chichagof Islands 

After disposing of the waste we started a large pot of water boiling in preparation for another dockside crab feast. John showed up after a while and cleaned the crabs we’d caught the day before as we struggled to get the crab water to a rolling boil. The water finally began to boil and in went the crabs. We had our dockside dinning table set-up and were ready to eat.

Crab dinner on the dock in Tenakee Spring.

We ate until we had nothing left. We also had enough crab to share with a fellow who was a diver docked next to us. With all of us full of crab we headed out to check the day’s production. Our crab pots had been soaking all night and we had high expectations for a record catch. We were rewarded with the best catch of the trip when we pulled up our 3 traps and they contained a total of 25, Our limit was a total of 15 so we had to throw 10 of them back. It was difficult as we had many days when we’d caught nothing. Thus is the story of life, feast or famine. After sorting and securing our crabs, we checked on the shrimp pots. It would be a slow day, but we didn’t get skunked. There was probably 25 to 30 and we were very thankful to get them.

We said goodbye to Tenakee Springs which all agreed was probably the most quaint village of the trip thus far. We’re leaving late in the evening and the seas are very calm which are making us appreciate the smooth ride. Our next stop is Hawk Inlet which is located about 35 miles away. We anchored in Hawk Inlet just a short distance from an operating mine.

Not sure at this time what they are mining, but it’s an impressive complex to be located in such a remote area. To keep our haul of crabs alive, John placed them in an idle shrimp pot and hung them off the side of the boat in the water.
For dinner John grilled a small gray cod we’d caught in a shrimp pot earlier in the day. The flesh was tender white and flaky and was a tasty treat. A second course was queso with tortilla chips. We finished off the evening by watching the movie “Grumpy Old Men” and called it a night.

Anchored in Hawk Inlet.
N 58 09.263 W 134 46.031
Trip odometer 739.8
Miles traveled today 70.2


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