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June 2008 - Alaska Inside Passage Exploration

Northern Portion ABC Islands

Admiralty, Baranof, Chichagof Islands 

June, 25, 2008 ~ Wednesday

Last night was different from other nights trying to sleep as the wakes caused by the two commercial fishing boats in this small bay kept the boat rocking a good part of the night as they ran around letting out the length of their gill nets. John bolted out of bed after the first set of waves rocked the boat wildly, figuring the anchor had pulled loose and we were going up against the rocks.
Were discussing the days plans which included, bear hunting and when we need to be back in Haines to pull the boat out at high tide.
Shanna made pancakes for breakfast and we did all of the dishes which now are just part of the daily chores.

While preparing to leave Boat Harbor the lone commercial fishing boat left made contact with us. A smaller 21’ Bayliner Trophy was broken down just inside the entrance of the harbor with his anchor set, camping on the beach, a victim of an over heated engine because of kelp wrapping around his lower unit while entering the bay. The commercial fisherman had just relayed that he wouldn’t be leaving the area for another day and wouldn’t be able to offer the other fellow a tow until then. We too had a conflict, as we were going the opposite direction. We spoke with the man and asked if we could help him in anyway. John learned that the man had a mechanical back ground so helping him with troubleshooting or making the needed repairs was not necessary. We got contact information from him and would relay once we could get within VHF contact. Inside, the well protected harbor prevented VHF radio use and there was no cell phone coverage either. Upon leaving Boat Harbor we made contact with the Coast Guard and gave them all of the information.
We continued our journey scouring the shores for the elusive black bear.
While cruising the shore we noticed 5 humpback whales swimming together and took time out to watch them as them seemed to all work in harmony in the pursuit of food.

Dropped anchor in a small bay just off of Lynn Canal. The dinner menu was fried clams on the half shell with you can already guess , crabs! We watched home videos of previous Alaska fishing trips. John and Shanna longed for the hot Halibut fishing of Southcentral AK after watching the video.

Anchored in a bight to the west of the south end of Sullivan Island -- Lynn Canal.
N 58 555.549 W 135 22.202
Trip odometer 870.2
Miles traveled today 40

The final dungeness crab dinner



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